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The Hollywood Bowl is so 20th Century!

Forty years after the Grateful Dead embraced bootleg recordings and unlicensed t-shirts, venues like the Hollywood Bowl, and artists like JT and Carole King, just don’t get it. This shouldn’t be a surprise I guess, given that this is the same industry that fought digital downloads to protect their bloated CD margins. Continue reading

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Response to Marc Pollick’s article:

Marc, You and I have great respect for one another, which hopefully means you won’t mind if I (respectfully) disagree. I feel firmly that athletes absolutely are role models. Perhaps this is because I see the definition of “role model” … Continue reading

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Ole Los Suns!

So the Suns and Steve Nash deserve a standing ovation for taking such a courageous stance on such a controversial issue. They made the decision regardless of the economic impact. I guess sometimes the right decision prevails over the safe decision. The Suns and Steve Nash chose ethics over money. We don’t see that very often. How do you say “bravo” in Spanish? Continue reading

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